Today, with the Internet, everything is possible. You can at any time decide to make money without moving from your home. With the current context, it is perhaps the best time to launch your business. Here are 10 ideas to work from home.


You’ve probably already heard of drop-shipping, but do you really know what it is? All you need is a computer and an Internet connection.

All this activity requires is motivation. How to start ? You need to identify a niche of interesting products, open an online shop and offer the items you have found. When a customer orders from your site, your supplier receives the instruction and ships it directly to the customer. You take your commission.

Web editor

If you like to write well, are good with your computer and have a good general knowledge, you would make a good web editor.

What does it involve? Writing content on demand for companies, freelancers or webmasters. You can be asked to write texts about products, services, various subjects such as the stock market, health, etc.

The activity of a web editor opens the doors to an extremely wide universe. It is possible to earn a very good living with web writing as your only activity.

Graphic designer

It is possible to make a living out of your passion for creation and visual art. Even more so if you have followed a training in an art school. A graphic designer creates logos, product packaging, covers, illustrations, etc. The possibilities are endless and there is no shortage of customers. All you need is a graphic design program such as Photoshop, and you’re set.

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Handling the science of websites, SEO and code is what a webmaster does. Knowing how to develop websites is a real asset, there is no shortage of clients and they are willing to pay a lot for your services.

The tasks are very varied: creation of sites, maintenance, management… Impossible to get bored when you are a webmaster. Moreover, the webmaster community is particularly active and close-knit.

You will have to quickly take the status of autoentrepreneur to continue the activity. You will have to pay taxes but you can get help to open a business.


You like to share content, are inventive, curious, and comfortable with communication? You have the profile of a blogger.

How do you get started? Dig deep, find interesting themes/topics, keep an open mind and take a step back from everything you do, lots of good ideas come suddenly.

Being a blogger is not limited to writing. A youtuber is a blogger. How do you get paid for your work? By attracting the attention of advertisers and webmasters looking for affiliation.

Community manager

If you have a way with words, are comfortable with social networks and have good ideas, you could be community manager. Brands, artists, and anyone who uses social media professionally, need a community manager.

Teaching distance learning

There are many platforms offering access to distance learningcourses, whether it is for language learning, tutoring, etc.

The people giving the courses on these platforms are people like you, who take advantage of their knowledge in a field to share it. Take a look at these platforms and see if you can exploit your skills.

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Virtual assistant

Some companies and freelancers need one or more people to do their administrative tasks, but they don’t have physical premises. So they hire virtual assistants.

For about 15EUR per hour, you could fill this position. You just need to be available about 7 hours in the day to answer the phone, send emails, organize data, etc.


It is possible to represent a company and its services without leaving home. When you work as a telemarketer televendeur, you will have a list of customer files that you will have to contact to try to sell the product of the company that hired you.

Professional bettor

It is possible to earn a living with sports betting. Even if the word betting implies chance, there is a real science around gambling. One example is poker . If you are determined to study this game properly, you could make a lot of money on Winamax tournaments, etc. A great activity for night owls.