In any business, customer service should be considered a priority. It requires both the right tools, and the right mindset. Effective customer service builds customer loyalty, sets you apart from your competitors, and reinforces the customer’s choice. Satisfying the customer as much as possible will push him to recommend your products or your services to his friends.

Adopt the right attitude

The first determining criterion of a good customer service is the quality of your advisors. When you approach someone with a query, you expect them to be emphatic, patient, take the time to understand your problem and be clear in their communication. This is the attitude that your advisors must adopt. But for your consultants to be engaged, your role is to provide them with the right tools and working conditions. Adopting the right attitude will improve productivity in business .

Advisors who know how to represent you

You can’t afford to have advisors who don’t know your business. No customer enjoys communicating with an advisor who is reading his data sheet. All your consultants must be knowledgeable about your business. They must know the products and services offered and be prepared for the different situations that may arise during a call.

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Lead by example

The behaviour of your consultants will reflect your own. If you treat them with respect and kindness, they will be more likely to get really involved in the business. Similarly, if you show them that the customer is important to you, they will follow this idea.

Multiply the communication channels

Offer the maximum of contact possibilities to your customers. Set up digital channels (customer area, email, chatbot, FAQ) and inform the customer of their existence via a telephone message. Digitalize some phone calls, with a Callbot or an IVR. This will greatly improve the communication between your customers and your advisors, who will no longer be overwhelmed with calls that could have been handled otherwise.

Be proactive with your customers

If a problem stagnates, don’t hesitate to follow up with the customer, even if it’s only with an email. The post follow-up is a key element to prove to your customers that you are involved in their satisfaction. Send regular surveys, for example in the form of an NPS score, to get feedback to analyze.

Don’t play with the customer’s patience

Multiplying the channels will reduce the time your customers wait to get what they want, but it is not enough. Optimize your services to avoid abuse of transfers.

Also, when there is a transfer, the customer does not want to wait 5 minutes more, nor to have to repeat his request that he has already carefully explained. With an optimized contact center, you can define an efficient prioritization, and transmission of information.

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Also offer a service where the customer can record his request by voice. This can be handled by your advisors outside of peak call times.

Learn from your customers

There are no bad customers, only ways to improve. A successful company takes into account all the criticism it receives. Never put the customer at fault, always keep the communication positive.

Take the time to understand the customer

First, let the customer explain the core of his problem. Then rephrase it, to make sure you are on the same page. Use positive language, and take the time to validate each step of the resolution.

Implement a CRM solution

A CRM tool is essential to the success of your customer service. You need to have a history of exchanges for all your communication channels and centralize them in one place.

So when the customer comes back to you and gets a different advisor, that advisor will have a customer record with all the essential information, saving the customer 40 repetitions.

Create discussion groups via a forum, social network, etc.

Promote inter-customer communication. A space where users and distributors can share their problems, will serve as an archive for all customers who will encounter a similar situation. It can even allow them to solve them on their own.