Hello to all ! Am I the only one to have ads that display like this without asking anything? I’ve been having this problem for a while now, but it’s really getting to be unbearable.

Already the ads on youtube are too much, then on the apps I’m not even talking about it. Basically, my android (Samsung Galaxy S8) opens web pages by itself. Sometimes it redirects me to pages with stuff to download like “facebook app manager” or “android cleaner” (you can clearly see it’s a scam) or else it’s weird ads for games or whatever. The worst thing is that it does it to me on all my applications, even when I’m sending sms or on the basic menu.

Is it because of the last update? or just that I got infected by a virus, I don’t know. So, please tell me if you also have this problem and how to solve it, it would be a great help. Thank you in advance for your answers.

1. Check recent applications

It is possible to trace the origin of the problem by checking recent applications. Since the ads that appear on your screen are generated from applications, they will appear in recent applications. You will be able to determine which one is causing the pop-ups. All you have to do is unlock your phone and wait for an ad to appear .

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Ad that displays itself on Android [Resolved] - InfluencerStudio

When you receive an unwanted ad, press the Recent Applications button and find the name and icon of the first application that appears on the screen. Uninstall this application. If this method does not work, read on.

2. Check your application list

Ad that displays itself on Android [Resolved] - InfluencerStudio

It is possible that the application causing the unwanted ads is a ghost application. Phantom applications are hidden behind applications that you download from the playstore. This one does not appear in the application drawer, nor on the home screen. You will need to go to Settings > Apps & Notifications and look carefully at the list that appears. If you notice the presence of an application without an icon , it is probably the origin.

Be careful because the names of these applications can mislead you. You can find ghost applications such as “facebook app manager” or “facebook app installer”. In any case, a ghost application has no icon. Uninstall it immediately. If this method doesn’t work, or if you can’t find an application without an icon but the problem persists, read on.

3. Checking running services

We’ll have to dig deeper. If the first two points didn’t work, we’ll have to go to the Running service setting, which belongs to the developer options. Follow these steps:

  • 1st step : activate the developer options. To do this, go to Settings > System > About Phone > and press the “build number” 7 times. A message will appear to confirm the activation of the development options.
  • Step 2: Go to Settings > System > Developer Options. Press Running Services.
  • Step 3: Look through the list of running applications carefully. If you notice an application that you are not familiar with, uninstall it.
Ad that displays itself on Android [Resolved] - InfluencerStudio

4. Block ads on notification bar

It is possible that you are victim of ads, not on pop-ups, but on notification. In this case, follow the following protocol:

Ad that displays itself on Android [Resolved] - InfluencerStudio
  • Open the notification area by pulling the top of your screen down.
  • Long press on the ad notification. The name of the application that caused the ad is displayed.
  • Appuyez sur l’icone circulaire. The information about the application is displayed.
  • Tap the notification input. You will be taken to the notification settings of the application in question.
  • Disable all notifications for the problematic application.
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5. Disable ad targeting

While many ads come from unwanted third-party applications, some come from legitimate Android applications. Indeed, the ads in the form of banners are delivered by Admob, Google’s dedicated ad network. By default, your Android settings make these ads active. Fortunately, it is possible to reverse this process.

To do so, open Google Play and press Menu. Then go to Settings, scroll to the bottom of the list and go to Other. Uncheck Google AdMob Ads.

6. Install an ad blocker

The best solution to avoid any unscrupulous appearance of ads on your android is to install a software that blocks them upstream. Go to the Playstore and look for the “Ad Detect Plugin” application. There are others, but this is the reference. Once you download it, the application will detect connections to ad networks. You will just have to walk around in it to remove and block access to parasite ads.

Ad that displays itself on Android [Resolved] - InfluencerStudio