In the professional sector, the use of new technologies is now a practical solution to optimize one’s activity. In terms of customer relationship management , for example, it is now possible to use artificial intelligence to give an answer to consumers. Thanks to a chatbot, a company will have less expenses and more time to spend on other tasks.

Chatbot, what is it really about?

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Defined as a virtual robot, the chatbot is a computer program whose role is to interact and especially to dialogue with humans. Usually online, this device is very present on chat platforms such as Messenger, Telegram, Twitter, Facebook, etc. If you have already used applications like Google Assistant, Siri, Cortana or Alexa, you should know that the principle is the same. The only difference is that the chatbot does not work with voice recognition, but rather with words you type on your keyboard.

Therefore, this computer program can be set up on any website. Most of the time, companies use it to facilitate the customer relationship. Thanks to this conversational agent, it will no longer be necessary to hire a person to answer all the consumers’ requests. Once the chatbot solution is installed, the chatbot will be able to understand sentences, then provide either suggestions or informative answers.

The evolution of chatbots

About five years ago, when chatbots were democratized to the general public, there was a big hype about this device. Even if these tools were still disappointing at the beginning, their functionalities remained very interesting. Currently, these conversational robots have undergone several improvements since they are now more useful and efficient. In order to process the data of a correspondent, a chatbot relies on artificial intelligence as well as on the combination of Machine Learning and natural language.

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By visiting many platforms, you can see that there are two types of conversational agents, those that are declarative and those that are predictive. The first is a computer program that is based on a specific function. When a person asks a question, the robot will instantly send a structured answer. As for the predictive chatbot, it is a kind of virtual assistant. Instead of giving a precise answer, it is able to predict your needs according to your profile. It will be able to anticipate your requests with the help of suggestions.

The advantages of a chatbot in a company

This tool has become essential and has many advantages for a company. In principle, it allows to simplify the management of a support or the qualification of leads. Since customers are looking for precise information in a few moments, the implementation of a chatbot can avoid wasting time, not only for the user, but also for the company. Moreover, we should not forget that the efficiency of this computer program reduces the expenses of the establishment. In terms of customer relations, it is certain that the implementation of this digital agent is a solution to be taken into account.