Another new feature on the Messenger application: create a poll. Many users had asked Facebook for the possibility to perform this action in a discussion, it is now possible. Indeed, it is a tool that can be very useful to organize an event or to get information. When used properly, it can save you a lot of time. We explain you how to create a poll on Messenger.

Create a poll

Go to the Messenger application, or to the Messenger version dedicated to computers. Look in your history for a group conversation, create one if you don’t have one. On the conversation page, press the blue + icon next to the text bar. It’s possible that the text bar doesn’t appear automatically. If it does, simply tap the small arrow next to it to scroll through the options within the conversation. Press poll and choose the type of poll you want to create.

Create a poll on Messenger - InfluencerStudio
Create a poll on Messenger - InfluencerStudio

The application offers two different types of surveys:

  • The “date and time” survey, ideal for time-based information (appointments, etc.).
  • The “other” survey that you can customize as you wish.

You only have to enter the necessary information. You are the one who defines the survey question as well as the number and content of possible answers. Once the survey is validated and created, it is impossible to modify it. However, you can authorize the addition of new answers to it