We all use a mailbox service. Whether it is Gmail, Outlook or Yahoo, for the most known, we all have an email address. If the creation of your email address goes back several years, you must have noticed the phenomenal amount of emails stored on your box. But did you know that it is possible to get a disposable email? In this article, we give you 3 sites to create a temporary email address.

Disposable email : what is it for ?

As the email address is used as a connection identifier in most of the services and businesses offered on the web, we quickly find ourselves saturated with spam . In order to save your personal email address or your professional email address, the best solution is to use a disposable email.

How does it work ? About this principle:

  • The service generates a specific email address linked to the domain name. It can also propose you to create yourself the email address, always linked to the domain name.
  • You have a temporary mailbox, accessible either with a password, or via a specific link.
  • After a predefined time, the mailbox is self-deleted. The email address will potentially be used by someone else. Your data is deleted.

The email address you just created can be used like any other email. There are some exceptions.

First of all, the main disposable email services such as Yopmail are not accepted by Facebook, Twitter or other major social networks. Lesser known services on the other hand, can work.

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Secondly, most disposable emails allow forwarding emails from one address to another, but not sending them directly to a permanent address.

Create a disposable email address

Here are the 3 sites we have selected to create your disposable email address.



Although it is well known, we are obliged to mention Yopmail as a choice to create your disposable email address. You can get a personalized address without registering on the site, and without having a password. You just have to type the name of the address you want to create to generate it.

Temporary emails are stored directly on the site, and self-destruct after 8 days. Exchanges can only be done between Yopmail addresses.


5 Services de messagerie temporaire gratuits pour éviter les courriers  indésirables

Mailiantor is a solution of choice. Temporary email addresses generated from Mailinator can be used on any site. The emails you receive on a Mailinator address are deleted faster than on Yopmail: in a few hours.

Mailinator is a rather professional solution. Indeed, you don’t create a single mail address, but a domain, from which you can generate an infinite number of addresses. Mailinator also manages SMS, and has an API to automate actions such as message forwarding, link clicks, etc.

So, Mailinator is free to try, then costs 159$ per month.


Disposable email: 3 sites to create a temporary email address - InfluencerStudio

Jetable.org propose un service particulier. When you arrive on the site, you communicate your real address. You will receive a verification email. As soon as you click, Jetable.org creates an email alias that will forward emails to your main address. This will filter out spam.