In summary

  • The easiest way: Go to the YouTube video you want to identify, select View More and search for Music By.
  • Next, the easy part: Check if any comments on the video identify the song.
  • Other possibilities include lyric search engines, browser extensions and applications like Shazam.

In this article we will give you 5 techniques to find the title of a song used in a YouTube video.

Check the YouTube description

This may seem obvious, but many people forget to check the description of the YouTube video. Usually it includes the name of the music used in the video. The reason why people usually forget to do this is because it’s not always obvious.

Go to the video on YouTube with the music you want to identify.

Select View More at the bottom of the description to see the full description.

How to find the music of a YouTube video - InfluencerStudio

Search for the Music by line that identifies the song in the video.

How to find the music of a YouTube video - InfluencerStudio

Even when the description area doesn’t have the music info, you can find it in the comments section. Other visitors may have asked for the name of the song. Often, the creator of the video or another viewer will answer. If not, you can comment on the question yourself.

Use lyric search engines

If you can’t identify the songs in YouTube videos from the description or comments, you can use lyric search engines to identify the song.

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One of the easiest ways to do this is to type the lyrics into the Google search engine.

How to find the music of a YouTube video - InfluencerStudio
Searching for lyrics on Google

If Google can’t identify the song for you, other search engines specifically help you identify songs by lyrics alone. : Provides songs, artists and albums that contain lyrics. Returns search results to videos and other websites that identify the song based on the lyrics you entered.

Find Music By Lyrics: Returns results similar to Lyrics World, which are more like embedded Google search results based on lyrics. : This fascinating technology allows you to paste the YouTube link and have a “music recognition robot” identify the song.

Use the AHA Music Identifier browser add-on

If you often try to identify songs in YouTube videos, you might consider installing a browser add-on.

AHA Music Identifier is the best Chrome add-on for identifying music in a YouTube video. Install the add-on, and the next time you watch a YouTube video, select the little AHA search icon and let the add-on run.

AHA Music Identifier will analyze the video and tell you the song name, artist and release date.

Use a song recognition app

How to find the music of a YouTube video - InfluencerStudio

If all else fails, one of the best ways to identify music in YouTube videos is to use mobile apps with music recognition technology.

Music recognition apps are popular, so you’re spoiled for choice.

Here are some of the top rated music recognition apps that you can use for free to identify any song in a YouTube video playing near you.

Shazam : One of the most popular music recognition apps, place your phone next to your computer while the YouTube video is playing. The Shazam application will tell you the title, artist and lyrics of the song.

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Music detector : Touch the screen to start the song recognition mode and identify the YouTube song being played.

Beatfind : This application not only identifies a song on YouTube, but also animates to the beat of the music.

Mu6 Identify : This simple application not only identifies the YouTube song, but also tells you the title and artist’s name.

All these applications will quickly recognize the music in any YouTube video, without you having to write down the lyrics or spend time searching for the song title on the internet.