No one likes to receive a masked call, or not knowing who is calling . We always end up ignoring it, but every time we wonder who could be calling us. We know that the unknown calls are usually from people working in sales or in surveys, but we are never safe from a malicious masked call. When these calls become repetitive, we want to know the identity of the caller. The caller may not know it, but it is possible to identify a masked caller number without going to the police. We explain everything to you.

For Orange users

If you are with Orange, this is your lucky day. It’s the only operator offering a service to identify a hidden call number. To be more precise, it’s a service that filters masked calls and redirects them to an identification procedure before they can reach your line.

How to access this service ? At the time of subscription with the operator, it is unlikely that you have activated this paid option Stop Secret (2EUR per month). You can nevertheless activate it at any time via your online space, or by contacting an advisor. Once this one is activated, here is what will happen for the person who calls you in mask.

When the caller makes the masked call, the mystery caller will hear a message asking them to reveal their identity out loud . From there, two options are available:

  • The mystery person hangs up. You will not be able to know his identity, but you will not receive his call. It’s exactly as if he doesn’t exist, you won’t get any notification of this call.
  • The mystery person gives his name and surname. The service is designed to detect the format name + surname (or the reverse), so the person cannot answer randomly.
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If the mystery person responds to the request, you will receive a call notification, but you will not be connected to the caller. When you pick up the phone, you will hear what the mystery caller has said . It is then up to you to decide whether you want to answer or not. If you say no, the service will tell the caller that you are not available.

How to identify a masked caller ID? - InfluencerStudio
Orange ID scheme

Spy application

Although many applications circulating on the internet are totally ineffective at identifying a masked caller ID (think of DragonCalls and Trapcall), there is one that actually works. The software mSpy is installed directly on a smartphone and controlled from a computer. Once installed, you will have absolute control over the information that circulates on the device.

How to identify a masked caller ID? - InfluencerStudio

On mSpy, you can record calls, block some of them, but above all, access the complete call list. Check first that you haven’t blocked any hidden calls. When you receive one, let it ring and don’t pick up. Then open mSpy, and access the call log. Go to the list of calls received: you should see a call that matches the masked caller, except that instead of the unknown, there is a phone number. This is the contact of the mystery person.