Sometimes, the weight of an image file is problematic. This is the case when you want to send photos by email, for example. It is also the case when you try to put a photo online, which because of its weight, cannot load properly. Some sites require photos that do not exceed a certain weight. To optimize your hard drive or to be able to use your image files more easily, let’s see how to reduce the weight of a photo with Windows 10

Reduce the number of pixels in a photo

Often, photos take up weight in a file because they are way too big, literally. If you were to develop or print your photo taken at 12 million pixels (px) at actual size, you couldn’t even make a poster out of it. So, you should reduce the size of your photo to fit the screen, which has the effect of reducing the file size.

Reducing the size of the photo can considerably change the weight of the file. Take a photo of about 2000px by 2000px and look at its weight. Let’s say it’s around 4MB. Resize that photo to 500px by 500px. When you go to look at the weight again, you’ll see that it’s decreased significantly. You have simply reduced the size of your photo by 4, and it is now 100kb, which is more than 40 times less heavy.

You can do this with Microsoft Office, which is now available for free on Windows 10. Open a blank document and add the photo(s) you want to reduce the weight on it.

To do this, you can either copy and paste or retrieve the files with the Image tab in Microsoft Office. After selecting the images to be compressed, click on Compress Imageswhich you will find under Image Tools in the Format tab. Depending on the size of your screen, you may not see the option Compress images. It is however accessible, but only with an icon, which you will find right next to Corrections. If you want to compress the selected images and not all the images in the document, check Apply to selected image only. You will then only have to enter the new resolutions you wish to give to your pictures.

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Reduce the weight of a photo with an editing software

You can also reduce the weight of a photo with the software Paint, integrated in Windows 10. To do this, right-click on the file and then move your mouse cursor to Open with: the Paint software will be proposed. Immediately, you will notice that the size of your picture is huge. Now click on File then Resize. A small window will pop up with information about the photo’s size, including the number of pixels (horizontal and vertical). You just have to reduce the number of horizontal pixels, the number of vertical pixels is automatically adapted to not distort the image. You can easily go down to 500px, a suitable size to appreciate the image and generally the minimum size required on many platforms. All you have to do is save the modified photo.

The weight of a photo decreases mechanically when you reduce its size, but it does not stop there. It is possible to further reduce the weight of your image with a photo editing software (including Paint). To do this, you will reduce the resolution of the image by reducing the number of pixels per inch: you can easily go down to 72. Then, you can intervene on the Quality of the image, a parameter generally expressed in percentage. It initially appears at 100%, but you can reduce it to 80% without damaging the image too much. Playing with these two parameters can reduce the size of your file by 5 times.