Some Android tablet users complain about having freezes. These freezes can take the form of spontaneous errors preventing the opening of an application or freezing your device. They can also make your device unusable from the start. Freezes can be caused by memory overflow, too many applications open at the same time, or a malfunctioning application, or a virus. In this article, we explain how to reset a locked Android tablet.

Reboot methods

You will try different reboot methods, from the most gentle to the most invasive. These methods are adapted to an Android tablet locked at boot time.

First, you will try to reboot your device with the classic method . Long press the Power button, or simultaneously press the Volume Up button and the Power button until the brand logo of your Android tablet is displayed. Release the buttons and wait for your tablet to restart. If this was just a spontaneous system error, your device should turn on normally. If not, we will proceed to the next method.

How to reset a locked Android tablet - InfluencerStudio

When a problem persists, you need to go through Android’s Recovery mode. All devices with this software are equipped with a recovery software. It allows you to intervene on your tablet without going through Android. Normally, by going through the Recovery mode, you can solve most of the problems that cause the blocking of your device. Indeed, Android can crash, bug and refuse to start.

2. Activate Recovery mode

Depending on your Android tablet model, there are different methods to enter Recovery mode.

  • Press the Volume Up + Power + Home buttons simultaneously. As soon as the tablet vibrates, release the Power button only. When the menu appears, release all buttons.
  • Press the Volume Up + Power buttons simultaneously. Release as soon as the menu appears.
  • Press the Volume Down + On buttons simultaneously. Release as soon as the menu appears.
  • For HTC, you must first go to Settings > Batteryand uncheck Fastboot.
  • Older tablets have a cache button to activate the recovery mode. If you look hard enough, you will find a small hole with the word RESET. To activate it, you will need a very fine pointed accessory, like a hairpin or a paper clip.
How to reset a locked Android tablet - InfluencerStudio

You are now in Recovery mode. To interact with the menu that appears on the screen, you must use the volume buttons to move around and the On button to confirm. The option we are interested in here is reboot system now. Find it and select it. Your tablet should reboot.

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If your tablet is still stuck after that, you’ll have to use a more brutal method. You will again put your device in recovery mode. But this time, instead of selecting reboot system now, you will choose the option Wipe Data / Factory Reset. By doing this, you will be resetting your tablet to factory settings. This method will always work, unless your device has a physical problem. It is used when the last option is used, because it deletes all the data stored on your tablet.