It is not possible to save a mail from Gmail, the same way you would do it with another application. Indeed, on the Gmail interface, there is no option to save a mail directly. Fortunately, there are ways to get around the lack of this feature.

Basic and quick method

Open the mail you want to save. The content of your mail is displayed on the screen. Click on the icon printer located at the top right of your mail. Please note that the goal here is not to print the mail. By doing so, you will generate a PDF file with the content of your mail, respecting its original display in most cases.

How to save your emails on a USB stick? - InfluencerStudio

On the print interface, in the menu on the left of the screen, is the option destination. Select Microsoft Print to PDF and click Print. You will need to choose a location for your file. To make it easier for you, especially if you want to save multiple emails on your USB stick, create a new folder and save the PDF file there. Repeat the process for each mail you want to save on your USB stick.

Advanced method

It is also possible to recover all your mails.

  • If you have Google Chrome, open your browser. Normally, your Google account icon will appear in the top right corner. Click on it, then click on Manage your Google Account.
  • If you don’t have Google Chrome, just type in the search bar of your browser google account and click on the first result. Enter your login details to log in.
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Your account interface will appear on your screen. Click on Data and personalization on the menu on the left of the interface.

Scroll down to the box Download, delete or plan the future of your data.

Choose Download your data : a new interface appears. Scroll down again to the box Products. This box shows all the data related to your Google account (Purchases and reservations, News, Chrome, etc.) You will notice the option Unselect all > click on it. Scroll down to find Mail.

How to save your emails on a USB stick? - InfluencerStudio

Check the box to select it. You can customize your download by clicking on All Gmail data is included . By default, this one proposes to download your entire mailbox. This choice includes emails from social networks and advertising, which is probably not the content that interests you. You will uncheck the box Include all messages in the mailbox and select the categories you are interested in then validate your choice by clicking on OK.

Little tip : put in favorites all the mails you are interested in. Then check the category Favorites in the Content options of Google Mail.

Scroll down and click on Next step. You can set a download frequency, for example Export every two months for a year. If it is a one-time download, select the box Export once, then choose the file type you want (ZIP by default). Click on Download. You will just have to download the file, and put it in your USB key.