Do you know the principle of reverse image search on Google? It allows you to make a search from an image. In other words, if you need to get information about a photo or an illustration you have saved on your phone, Google can do the job for you! But how do you do a Google Image search on Android and iOS?

How to search by Google Image on Android and iOS? - InfluencerStudio
Google Image Search on Computer

Built-in function of Google Chrome (The easiest)

You don’t have to use the computer view to do a reverse image search. The methods are different for iOS and Android.


If you have the Google Chrome app on iOS (if you haven’t downloaded it yet, do so), you just have to launch the app and go to the web page that contains the image you want to get information about. Long press on it until a menu appears at the bottom of your screen. Select Search this image on Google . A page will appear in your browser with all the matches that Google has made.


For an Android smartphone, it is impossible to search Google Images from the browser. There is a Google Lens function, but it does not provide relevant enough results. Follow these steps:

  • Open Google Chrome and go to the web page containing the image you want to get information about. Keep your finger on it. A menu will appear: press Open the image in a new Chrome tab.
  • Accept the tab that has just opened. This one displays only the image. Hold your finger on it again and press Copy the image.
  • Double tap on the address field at the top of your screen, and press Copy Image.

Using the computer version on your smartphone

The first option is to use the computer version on your Google browser, directly from your Android or iOS smartphone.

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First of all, start by opening your Google application . Then, click on the three vertical dots at the top left of the screen. A drop-down menu will appear: check the option View computer version. Your screen will automatically refresh to generate the computer display. You notice that a camera icon has appeared on the right side of the search bar: click on it.

Now you have two possibilities:

How to search by Google Image on Android and iOS? - InfluencerStudio
  • Copy and paste the url of the image you want to get information about, if it comes from a website.
  • Click on Choose a file and look for the image on your phone in your files.

The results for the image you imported will be displayed on the screen.

Now you have done a reverse search on Android.