How to see and enlarge Instagram profile picture?

On Instagram, the Zoom tool is not active. This is because you cannot zoom in on an Instagram profile photo.

On the other hand, there are applications that allow you to zoom profile photos on this social network such as Izuum, Instadp and Instaker.

These apps are designed to display large Instagram profile pictures.

Follow our tutorial to see a profile picture in its actual size.

How to view an Instagram profile photo in large size?

The profile picture on this social network is small in size. Sometimes, it is difficult to identify a person from his profile picture. To do this, you need to enlarge it.

So you have to rely on tools to enlarge a photo. There are various free online tools that can be used to make a profile picture bigger.

You can use the website Go to this website and click on Profiles Pictures Download.

Agrandir photo de profil Instagram

This is a screenshot from

Then type in the profile name that you want to enlarge her picture.

Click the Continue button and then click Full Size.

The user’s profile picture is displayed in real size.

You can download it on your pc or your mobile by clicking on the button Download.

In addition, from this website, you can access the user’s data such as the number of subscribers and download their stories and videos (real and IGTV).

There is also the website which allows you to enlarge profile pictures.

Just go there and type in the user’s name or profile URL to see their profile picture in real size.

Let’s also mention the website which renders the Instagram profile picture to its real size.

Photo profil instagram taille grande

The principle is the same. You have to type the username in the search bar to display your profile picture in big size.

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See a full-size profile photo on mobile:

If you use the Instagram app on your smartphone, it’s easier to use a mobile app to zoom in on a profile photo.

So download the mobile app for free Insta Profile / Full Profiles Pic from App Store or Play Store.

Then open the app and type in the username you want to enlarge his profile picture.

The full size profile picture will be displayed on your screen. You can download it to your mobile.