Your profile has been selected by a recruiter, and he/she would now like to interview you… or rather, a job interview! Because the company you have applied for is international, or in an English-speaking sector of activity. Don’t panic, here are the 10 questions to prepare for a job interview in English

Tell me about yourself ?

In 95% of the interviews, this is the first question you will be asked. The advantage of this open-ended question is that it can lead to a whole host of other questions. It is quite decisive because it will set the tone of the interview. When you are asked this question, keep in mind that you are being asked to explain your professional background. Really avoid “my name is….” “I was born….“, this is not what recruiters are interested in. Get to the point.

Prepare a mini-speech in advance that includes all the elements that determine who you are professionally. Be natural.

Why do you want to work for X ?

When asking this question, the recruiter is looking to see if you really know the company you are applying for. Avoid generic answers like “What motivates me for this job is the opportunity to take part in the company’s projects.“. You want to show that you are motivated, that’s fine. But you don’t need to say it. The recruiter will judge your determination and passion by your knowledge of the company and its activities.

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Find out exactly what the company you are applying for does, what projects it undertakes, and what your role will be in them.

What about your previous work experience ?

For this question, you want to highlight what you have contributed to the companies you have worked for.

The recruiter also asks this question to be able to sort out all the profiles that are looking for any kind of work, the people that have been fired from their previous job, and those that are only looking to fill in some of their time.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years ?

This is the kind of question we ask ourselves more or less frequently, and to which it is often difficult to answer. The recruiter knows this, so he does not expect a precise answer.

When he asks you this question, he is trying to measure your ambitions within the company. If your motive is to consider moving from a fixed-term contract to a permanent contract , and you already know that you want to work in this company for at least 5 years, be aware of the position you will take, and what is really possible to achieve.

If you don’t know what to say, you can say something like “I’m not certain what my future is going to look like, but I believe this position will help me navigate myself in the right direction.

Why should we hire you ?

This is the time to highlight your “skills“. Be careful not to spread yourself too thinly or give vague answers. Prepare in advance a concise and precise list of what makes you the ideal person for the job you are applying for.

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What do you expect out of your co-workers?

Are you made for this company? Are you able to integrate the company atmosphere?

To prepare for this question, take the time to study their culture. Look at their website, their communication style, and especially their social networks.

How do you face conflict at work ?

To answer this question, think about your past experiences. You must have dealt with a conflict at work. If you did it well, point out the elements that allowed the conflict to be resolved. If it went badly, talk about what you could have done. Show that you are flexible and open.

Can you describe yourself from someone else’s point of view ?

This question is far from being systematic but it is interesting. To prepare it, ask people around you to describe you. Each person has his or her own point of view on you, so try to vary the profiles to whom you will ask the question.

What do you want to tell me, that is not on your resume ?

The recruiter gives you the opportunity to bring in your personal experience. Think of an anecdote, a reflection or something else, which is not necessarily professional, but which highlights an interesting aspect of your person.

Do you have any question ?

Yes, you do. Now it’s your turn to know more: “What do you most enjoy about working here?” “What is the company’s approach to failure?” “What’s your management style?“. Prepare at least 5 questions that you can ask at the end of your interview

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