Hello everyone, I have a problem with my phone since yesterday, I can’t update or install applications anymore…. I have already restarted my phone (samsung galaxy S8) but nothing changes. The applications are still blocked and display the message “waiting for download”. Thank you in advance for your help.

1 – Restart downloads

The Playstore automatically downloads updates if you have left your Android in its initial settings. It is possible that a spontaneous error has occurred. So you will try to restart the downloads. To do this, you just have to open Google Play Store and press the three lines. Then press My apps and games and check the downloads in progress in the list that appears on your screen. Press Stop then try again to download or update the applications you want to install. If the problem persists, read on.

2 – Check the storage

There is a big chance that your applications are waiting to be downloaded because they don’t have the space to install on your smartphone. Especially if you have an SD card, and your Android is set to send applications to its internal memory, you may not realize the problem immediately. Check your storage space and it is indeed saturated, delete applications and other unnecessary data. Applications waiting to be downloaded will detect the available space and the problem will be solved.

3 – Check the download settings according to the network

Another common problem is the network you are using when you download applications. Basically, your Android doesn’t allow mobile data downloads (3G, 4G). It is possible that you are in a situation where your wifi network is not working, or that you have not had access to a wifi network for a period of time. If you have initiated downloads during this period, they will remain pending. Depending on your plan and the amount of monthly GB you have, you may be able to activate mobile data downloads. To do this, go to Settings > Network & internet then press Data usage > Data saver. You will see a list of the applications you are using and their usage. Locate the Google Playstore, tap it, and enable data usage in the background as well as unrestricted data usage.

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4 – Check for system updates

It is possible that the problem persists, because you do not have the right version of the Google Play Store or Android. Indeed, sometimes it only takes an update or a security patch to solve a problem. If your operating system is not fully compatible with the applications waiting to be downloaded, you must update it. Go to Settings, scroll down to About. Press it, then Software updates > Check now. Your phone will offer you an Android update if indeed you don’t have the latest version. Install it if it appears.