The return to the office is approaching and you don’t know what to do about the health protocol to adopt? You don’t even know if you are allowed to dance ? Read on, we tell you everything!

Back to school

You have prepared your schoolbag and your snack and you wonder if it’s really you we’re talking to because you’re not 5 years old anymore? It’s possible, we’re just trying to make things less dramatic. After all this stuff, we stay home, we telework, we come back on Monday and then we telework for the rest of the week. Group A goes to the office half of the even weeks while group B comes in on the afternoons of the odd weeks so as not to run into group C who is a morning person… Are you lost ? We are too ! Don’t worry, it’s well and truly over.

If, unfortunately, we don’t talk about Covid, we refer to telework , which has been eradicated. For a long time? For ever? For two days? We don’t know, but we still have to go back to the office and meet our colleagues again. For the simple gestures, we say hello with our elbow and we keep our disposable mask within reach that we take care to wash regularly, of course.

Don’t cough!

So far so good, but what happens to the first person who coughs? To the occupational physician? Maybe not a layoff, but it is desirable to be in good agreement with the boss at that moment! Will the first contact or the first Covid positive case send everyone home? The period that we saw start more than a year ago and that we thought was ephemeral then is still expanding, but we can find our dear colleagues and observe the snippets of a social life that we thought was put on the shelf.

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Resuming our morning ritual, the 5 extra minutes that we allow ourselves in bed and that have already killed the supposed punctuality that we promised when we were hired . Take back the morning coffee, essential to the good progress of the alarm clock. Finding ourselves in the endless traffic jams that we cursed for missing. To resume a normal life, quite simply.