Hi everyone,

I don’t understand everything that’s going on right now and apparently my phone doesn’t either. I don’t wake up at the right time so I’m wondering because I never miss my alarm. First reflex, I grab my phone to see the time and what do I see instead? A sky blue screen with a download icon and the inscription “Downloading… Do not turn off target“. I tried some manipulations suggested on a blog but nothing to do. How to get out of this blocked screen? Thank you in advance for your help. I have a Samsung Galaxy S7 for info.

1. Force restart

The first thing you will do if your screen is stuck on do not turn off target, is to perform a force restart. Hold down the Power button until the device turns off. Next, you will remove the battery, SIM card and SD card from the phone. Press and hold the Power button again for a few seconds. This action will completely discharge the residual power contained in the phone’s components and capacitors. Replace the components you removed and turn your phone back on.

If your screen still shows do not turn off target, proceed to the next method:

2. Reboot application

There are free software available on the internet, designed to solve problems you may encounter with your Android devices, including exiting the download mode.

Download and install software like Tenoshare Reibot on your computer. Follow the instructions of the software until it runs and connect your Android device to your computer. Once the program tells you that it has detected it, click Exit Download Mode. A notification should appear on your screen. Just reboot the device as normal, it should work.

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If your screen is still stuck on do not turn off target, you will try another method.

3. Clear cache

Clearing the data cached by your device is often a way to solve Android errors. To do this, you will access the Recovery mode. Follow these steps:

  • Turn off your device currently in Download mode.
  • Press and hold the Volume Up , Home and Power buttons simultaneously for several seconds, until your device starts to vibrate. (On some devices, you can simply press Volume Up and Power.
  • The Android recovery screen appears. To interact with your device in Recovery mode, you will use the Volumes buttons and the On button.
  • Select the Wipe Cache partition option.
  • Press the On button to confirm.

Your phone will automatically reboot while the procedure is being performed. If the do not turn off target message persists, you will reset your phone.

4. Reset

Unfortunately, if the other methods listed above have not worked, you will need to reset your phone to factory settings . This will involve deleting all the data stored on your phone.

Enter Recovery mode in the same way as when you cleared the cache, except that this time, instead of selecting Wipe Cache Partition, you will select Wipe Data / Factory Reset. Confirm with the Power button, select Yes-Delete All user data and press Power again. The factory reset will start.