When you use Facebook Messenger to communicate with other users, you have many options. You can send gifs, polls, voice messages, images and even files. Whenever you want to share an image, a video or a document, you will surely choose Facebook Messenger over your email service for the fluidity of the conversation. However, it must have already happened to you, some files cannot be sent directly on Facebook Messenger. This is because the file you tried to send contained too much data. So how do you send a large file on Facebook Messenger?

The limit of Facebook Messenger

Beyond a certain size, it is impossible to send a file on Facebook Messenger. The social networking platform has set this limit at 25 MB. If you’re not familiar with file sizes, note that 1GB is equivalent to 1,000MB and that your hard drive is probably at least 250GB. Most word processing and spreadsheet documents do not exceed this limit. Compressed images and compressed sound files in mp3 format are usually less than 25MB in size. Most compressed videos in mp4 format are also smaller, when they are relatively short.

However, as soon as you want to use a more qualitative format (WAV, FLAC, TIFF, MOV, AVI, etc.), this limit is often exceeded . How to send this type of file without losses ? By compressing it in zip or RAR format

Compressing a file in zip / RAR format

The zip and RAR formats allow to compress a file without losing any data. When the file is compressed in one of these formats, it is impossible to access its contents. You will have to decompress the file, and thus return to its original size, to be able to use it.

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You can therefore compress a file to reduce its size in order to facilitate storage and sending. Most computers have a function to compress a file or folder into a zip file. Windows users tend to use WinRAR software because it offers a better compression rate and allows other functions. However, compression also has its limitations.

Use a file transfer site

The best solution if you want to send a large file is still to use one of the many transfer sites such as WeTransfer or Smash. Wetransfer is the most used site, it guarantees a certain security and allows you to send up to 2 GB of files for free. Smash has no weight limit but has a slower transfer speed for very large files and offers less functionality for free than Wetransfer.