A construction company can offer great advantages, but it also requires meeting many legal requirements. Here is how to create a construction company, all the keys to establish yourself as a contractor or subcontractor of works with all the guarantees.

Carry out a market study and a feasibility plan

How to start a construction company? One of the first steps in opening a construction company is to prepare a market study and a feasibility plan.

The market research is based on the study of three basic variables:

  • geographical and economic environment: this is the context surrounding the area in which the company wants to establish itself;
  • customers: customer profile, interests, concerns, level of purchase, etc;
  • competence: level of competence, establishment in the area, credibility, projects developed, etc.

Market research is essential to the development of a feasibility plan. This project is based on the analysis of several fundamental aspects of the company’s constitution and to determine if it can be profitable in the future or not. In this study, you will also analyze the needs of customers in the sector.

In this way, you will have a clear idea of what business equipment you will need. For example, if you identify a need for work that involves metal cutting, you will know that you need to purchase a professional plasma cutter for your business.

Choosing the legal form

Another essential step in starting a construction business is choosing the legal form. In most cases, in a small or medium-sized company, this means setting up a company <>with several partners. In any case, you can choose the legal form that best suits your business model.

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Creating a good brand image

Branding is important because it identifies your company and contributes to the perception that others have of you. Branding a construction company is based on several pillars:

  • Name: it should be unique, simple and easy to remember and include words such as “construction”, “works”, “builder”, “renovation works” or similar, in a complete, abbreviated or combined form. In the case of construction companies, it is also useful to include the surnames or first names of the holders;
  • Logo: it should be original, visually appealing and convey seriousness and confidence. Do not use more than three colors or two fonts.

All this contributes to creating the identity of the company. It is essential that all corners and areas of your company are imprinted with this identity, based on the use of the logo, name, corporate colours and a unified style.