Whether you are a business owner or a freelancer, managing invoicing is a time consuming and tedious task. Every time you perform a service, the law requires you to send a complete and accurate invoice to your client. You can’t afford to do it every time manually on Word or Excel. Fortunately, there is software to do the work for you.


Zervant is an invoicing management software for small businesses. Zervant has interesting features, to create quotes, sales invoices, progress invoices, invoice receipts, e-invoices, payment reminders and most importantly, a customer and product database.

Zervant services are not free of charge, but it is possible to edit invoices from several models, within the limit of 10 customers. Zervant also exists as an application. Take advantage of the trial period to test one of the premium subscriptions. You just need to enter your IBAN and BIC .


Sellsy is an invoicing tool combined with a CRM function, allowing you to centralize and share all your data. With Sellsy, you can :

  • Manage your customer base
  • Automate data filling and reminders
  • Save communication histories
  • Track cash receipts
  • Optimize marketing operations

We appreciate Sellsy for its ability to customize and optimize many processes. This tool will save you a lot of time. Sellsy has a price though. There are several subscription options, the cheapest being 50e/month. Sellsy is a French company so your data will not leave the country.

SAP software

Managing your invoices with SAP software allows you to optimize your accounting. This application allows you to link the whole of your company thanks to a centralized information system, where traditional management models are totally decentralized and do not allow to link the various trades. The problem with this is that the duplication of data in several departments increases the risk of error and the expenses related to data storage.

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With an SAP software, each employee will have access to the information of the whole company, and this directly . This is without a doubt the best tool you could use for invoicing. It is suitable for large companies such as SMEs or ETIs.


Facture.net is a solid tool to manage your quotes, invoices and down payments. It has been specially designed to facilitate the life of freelancers, but it is also suitable for small and medium businesses. Its interface is easy to use, you can duplicate documents, transform them, and export them in different formats. The platform has a “business opportunity” function, which consists in making a forecast of the turnover, by entering for each customer the potential projects to come and the associated amount.

What makes it different from others ? It is 100% free , while working as a paying platform (maintenance, regular updates, etc.). The only price to pay is to accept the presence of small advertising miniatures which, we assure you, do not generate your work. Invoice.net also offers a CRM service.

Sage Business Cloud

Used by many micro-entrepreneurs, Sage Business Cloud allows you to manage your accounting and invoices simultaneously. You edit purchase orders, enter payments and get an overview of your data. For 25EUR/month, you benefit from a reliable, secure service that complies with legislation (VAT, tax, anti-fraud law, RGPD, etc.).

Sage Business Cloud exists as an application compatible with your computer and your smartphone/tablet. It is possible to get a simplified version of the app for 9EUR/month. With it, you will be able to perform most of the services offered, but you will not have access to the more complex functions such as stock management, access rights, cash flow forecasting, etc.

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Freelancer App

Thoughtful billing for freelance press“. This is the credo of Freelancer App. With it, make your invoices without worrying about mandatory mentions, general conditions of sale, VAT calculation or validation of online quotes. You can automate the filling of your invoices by entering your data and those of your customers beforehand. Also keep an eye on your turnover and on the reminders you have to make.

Freelancer App is available in 2 versions:

  • Free : create invoices without limit.
  • Paid (5EUR per month) : pre-edited emails, online quote validation, unpaid reminders, down payment management, discounts and rebates, etc.