Today, smartphones are everywhere. Unless you intend to deprive your children from using them, you will have to supervise their use. Putting a phone in the hands of young people, or even teenagers, is not harmless. With this, they have access to everything and unlimited.

As parents, we must teach them to use screens sparingly. Screens are a real addiction. They are easy to use and hard to put down. They interfere with the brain’s reward system and can lead to overuse. There is also everything that can be found on the Internet, Youtube and social networks in particular. Aware of the danger that smartphones represent, you are looking for a parental control application on Android. We have selected the best ones for you.

The best parental control applications on Android - InfluencerStudio

You already know Google and its many services. The first search engine used in the world has created a parental control application on Android rather effective. With it, you will be able to watch over your children’s use of the Internet, while making them aware of the right behaviour to adopt towards screens.

With Google Family Link, here is all you can do:

  • Encadrer leurs activites. You will have a complete view of the time spent on each application your child uses. You will be able to make an assessment of the time consumed by your child’s favorite applications. So, when your child wants to install android music applications or tries to download an application on the playstore for android, you will receive directly a notification on your device which will propose you either to approve the download or to block the application. You also have the possibility to hide some applications on your device.
  • Limiter les exces. You can set a maximum usage time for your children’s devices. For each day of the week, define a maximum time of use, and the hour at which it will not be possible any more to use the device. You can also lock your child’s device at any time.
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If you are not sure which application your child can use without it containing inappropriate content, you can rely on the selection Family Link. This selection includes educational, creative and fun applications, carefully reviewed by teachers.

Also, you can access the geolocation of your child when he is outside.


The best parental control applications on Android - InfluencerStudio

Xooloo allows you to accompany and coach your teenager when they use their smartphone, while building trust. Unlike other applications, Xooloo does not allow you to monitor your child’s location, nor the sites they visit. The 3 applications that make up Xooloo have a real mentoring purpose.

  • Xooloo Parents. This is the application you will install on your smartphone. You will be able to monitor the time your child spends on his screen, and for each application, compare this time to the average of children of the same age.
  • Xooloo Coaching. This is the application you will install on your child’s smartphone. As the name suggests, it is a coaching app. It is not meant to control your child. Xooloo Coaching has nevertheless a web protection that prevents access to inappropriate content. What does the app do? It communicates with your child, making him/her aware of the time he/she spends on each app, and encouraging him/her when this time is balanced.
  • Xooloo Kids. You will install this application on your smartphone. If your child insists on borrowing your device, no worries. You will just have to open Xooloo Kids and give it to him. This will restrict access to the games and other applications that you authorize. No risk that your child will come across inappropriate content or end up on the phone with 112.
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Other applications

We took for example Google Family Link and Xooloo because they are the two main categories of parental control applications on Android. But there are many others, just as functional. The difference will be in the level of control. Some applications like parents around or KidLogger are based on guidance while FamiSafe, Qustodio or Norton aim to monitor and control assiduously what your child does on his smartphone. It’s up to you to choose the parental control strategy you want to adopt.