You’re on your smartphone, wandering around on Instagram. You scroll and wander from profile to profile and suddenly, something catches your attention. The profile picture of the account you are on is intriguing. This photo is small in size so you have a hard time looking at it. You would like to see it closer, so you try to press on it, to zoom with your fingers to enlarge it… But nothing to do. Instagram doesn’t have a function to see a photo in a larger size. Luckily for you, we have a method… Read on.

Displaying a profile picture in large size is possible

And it is possible thanks to the website instadp. We thank them a lot, because without them, the only solution would be to screenshot the page of a user to be able to zoom on the picture. The problem is that the image appears too pixelated. Previously, there was a method which consisted in copying the developed URL of a user, to be able to make a right-click > Open in a new tab the profile picture. You then had to modify the URL to change the dimensions of the image so that it appeared in large. Except that Instagram has since removed the ability to right-click on a profile picture.

View large profile picture on Instagram - InfluencerStudio

Fortunately, today you just have to open your browser from a smartphone or a computer, and type in the address bar All you have to do is enter a username in the search bar and skip the Captchas. The site will display the profile of the person. You will just have to press Full Size just under the username, and you will be able to display and download the profile picture in large size.

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