Sad news, the reference site of ebooks has unfortunately closed. Vosbooks was one of the biggest free book download platforms, which offered many reference books and among the most recent releases, in digital format. It was a bad luck for the inveterate readers who couldn’t afford to spend money on reading and who had the chance, thanks to vosbooks, to fill their need for knowledge.

What kind of website offers ebooks ?

Today, when you type “book name + pdf” in your browser, you get thousands of results.

Vosbooks : The giant of free book downloads - InfluencerStudio

Are there thousands of sites offering the book you are looking for for free? Not so sure. If reading improves your productivity, the search for knowledge can make you spend hours scrolling through Google pages and visiting reference sites one by one, without getting to your query. Even more so when it is a non-free book. It is however quite simple to recognize a legitimate site, if you really think about it. Of course, this flashy site with a dubious design, full of little windows of ads, which redirects you to an unscrupulous page at the slightest click, does not have what you are looking for. Nevertheless, it is true that some pirate sites make efforts to trap you, and that some illegal download sites do not work on their design.

Why are there so many fraudulent sites in the ebooks niche ? Because it is possible. It doesn’t take much to set up a scam. A reliable enough database, forcing referencing with Google Bombing, advertising windows and a registration payment page. And it works. Because you need to find that non-free book, and you’ve already invested so much time looking for it that the shadow of a solution is enough to make you flinch. If the site can’t make you pay, it makes up for it by extracting data from you without your knowledge, and saturating your computer with thousands of dry cookies.

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When you are in the darkness of the pirate site, it is difficult to find the light, the cross on the tab, yet so close to your eyes. These sites work because there are platforms like Vosbooks, which really have the book you are looking for. This famous rare book that you would normally have to pay on Amazon. There are millions of fraudulent sites. So much so that, even when you’re looking for a legally free book, a big reputable platform like Kobo can find itself drowned in the waves of the pirate ocean.

What alternatives?

The best way to find a free book on the internet is to go directly to the download platforms you know. Fortunately, there are plenty of sites to download free ebooks, with more or less rich bookstores.

We have to say that many book download platforms are doing an illegal business. If some books are free of rights and can be distributed for free, a big part of the content of the sites offering ebooks has no legal right to distribute these works. We provide information about the download platforms, but we do not encourage the reader to break the law. We simply note what already exists.

Vosbooks is dead, but he has been reincarnated. His domain name has been reclaimed by Bookddl. With it, a good part of the huge bookstore that the dead site had. You can find both French and English digital books, magazines, newspapers, comics, manga, etc. in different formats (pdf, mobi, epub, etc.)

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You may know the Project Gutenberg. It’s a real pillar of digital book downloading, which has been around for 50 years! That’s right, long before the internet became popular. Even if Vosbooks was a giant of the ebook, Project Gutenberg remains undeniably the biggest platform for downloading books of all kinds, in several formats: ePub, pdf, html, etc.

Vosbooks : The giant of free book downloads - InfluencerStudio

Let’s take the opportunity to make a small point about the formats of ebooks :

  • ePub (Electronic publication). This is the standard format par excellence. The layout of the content automatically adapts to the reading device (i.e. to the screen size). To be able to read this format, you just need Adobe Digital Editions on PC or Mac. The best would be to have an e-ink reader, like the Amazon Kindle.
  • PDF. The second standard format, this one keeps the settings you made when you created it, no matter what media you use. It is not the best format for a reader.
  • HTML. This is the primary format of an ebook. In fact, a ebook is a set of HTML files.

To name a few other book download platforms, there are Kobo, Feedbooks, NumiLog, ebooks free, or Culture, Fnac, Amazon, from the merchant sites of the same name. It’s up to you to explore the catalogs offered and judge which platform is the most relevant to your needs.