In an increasingly modern world, the website remains an indispensable tool for any successful company. The user data of a website are important in the evaluation of the digital notoriety of a company as well as in the evaluation of the business performance of the latter.

Would you like to know the audience of your website? This article brings you the answer to this question.

Call a Web Analytics professional

Evaluating the traffic generated by a website is not a task that a layman can perform efficiently. When you do not have the skills and knowledge to use web analytics tools, it is preferable to call an expert in the field. This person is the only one able to use the most appropriate tool to evaluate the traffic of your website.

If you want to find a qualified professional to analyze your online platform, there is a web analytics agency that is able to accompany you in your needs and problems web analytics / tracking. It uses an efficient working method appreciated by many fast growing companies. The steps that make up this method allow you to reliably collect all the data essential to the proper functioning of your analytics, media, and CRM tools.

Choose the most suitable Web Analytics tool for your needs

When you have a team of certified technicians or have the necessary knowledge, it is possible to evaluate the traffic of your website. Indeed, there are many tools to analyze the audience of a site. The most used are Google Analytics and AT Internet Analytics.

Google Analytics — Wikipédia

Developed by Google, the Google Analytics tool remains the most popular of all. It is not only free, but also versatile. Indeed, it provides data that can be used both qualitatively and quantitatively (bounce rate, demographic data, user behaviour, etc.). This instrument allows you to measure perfectly the audience of your website .

AT Internet — Wikipédia

AT Internet Analytics (French solution) is one of the leaders of the analytics tools market. This French tool is not free, but its price is justified by the relevance of the data it provides.

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The algorithms of this tool allow you to know the impact of social networks on the traffic of your website, to study the behavior of your users, to test the options of customization of the interface of the site, to manage the contents of advertising campaign, etc.

These are not the only analysis tools. Depending on your needs and requirements, you can use other tools like Matomo, Yandex, SE Ranking, etc.