But where have all my messages gone? Maybe you’re asking yourself this question after suddenly losing all traces of your SMS conversations. Or maybe you’re looking to recover old SMS messages that you’ve deleted. Even though you probably don’t use instant messaging platforms such as Messenger or WhatsApp anymore, there are still times when we use SMS to communicate.

The problem is that SMS conversations can disappear due to a device update or restore. Fortunately, it is still possible to find them. So where are the SMS stored on Android?

Recover your deleted sms

Every time you communicate by SMS, your received and sent messages are stored in a database. This database is located in a folder in the internal memory of your Android. The conversations deleted from your message application are stored in the database SQLite. However, it is not directly accessible from your phone. Only rooted smartphones have this option.

You can access this database through third party applications that you will find as APK files. They will allow you to retrieve deleted SMS from Android. It is also possible to retrieve this database via a computer application, such as SDLite Viewer.

Save your sms

If you have an Android smartphone, there are several ways to back up your sms and store them safely. The simplest case is when your phone allows you to make backups directly from the settings.

Where are sms stored in Android?

To do this, access your settings from your Android home screen, press the search button and type backup. Among the results, you’ll find a heading Accounts & Backup: navigate to it. Or Settings > System > Backup Depending on the manufacturer of your phone,(Samsung, Huawei, Sony, Xiaomi, etc.) different options will appear on the screen:

  • Cloud. You will be able to save your data including your SMS directly on the cloud of the manufacturer of your smartphone. To retrieve this data, you will just have to identify yourself with your account linked to the manufacturer (Samsung Cloud for example).
  • Google Drive. You can store your SMS on Google Drive. It is possible to activate an automatic data backup.
  • Sauvegarde interne. In most cases, you will be able to store your SMS in an internal file on your phone. You can then transfer this backup to your computer and access it later.
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