“CSR policy”, “ethics”, “social responsibility”: we have been hearing more and more about these terms in the professional world for several years now. What is it all about? How to implement this approach in your company? Answer in this article.

What is CSR ?

CSR means Corporate Social Responsibility. Companies that adopt this policy focus on ecological, economic and social aspects and ensure that these three factors are well combined. In concrete terms, this means that the company articulates its objectives around three pillars:

  • The social pillar: The aim is to promote goodwill and tolerance in both the internal and external policies of the company. This is achieved by combating social exclusion and inequality, promoting access to training for employees and improving their working conditions….
  • The economic pillar: To ensure a coherent strategy with the other two pillars, it is essential to align consumption and production patterns.
  • The environmental pillar: The ecological aspect is nowadays unavoidable in the face of global warming and future regulations. To limit the impact of their activity on the planet, many companies are trying to go green.
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The CSR strategy is thus developed around these three axes, through a whole multitude of actions in adequacy with the company: redaction of an ethical charter, help to the training… It is therefore important to follow a rse training before starting, to define your expectations and objectives.

What are the advantages of a CSR policy?

The benefits of CSR are multiple and several companies testify to this, both in France and abroad. On the one hand, it allows to improve the well-being of the employees within the company, by guaranteeing good working conditions and by trying to engage them, but it is also a way to do something for the environment. Beyond that, CSR offers the opportunity to improve the overall performance of one’s company and offers a real gain in productivity.

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This is a major undertaking and cannot be improvised. To begin with, it is absolutely essential that the company designates a person (or employs a CSR manager) who will be responsible for steering the CSR strategy. He or she should be comfortable with the subject, know the company well and have good management skills.

You will then need to carry out an audit, in order to analyse what your competitors are doing and where you are on CSR issues. This will allow you to build your strategy, by setting objectives and an action plan to achieve them. Not forgetting the setting up of key performance indicators, to determine if you are on the right track. As you can see, the implementation of the strategy requires real resources – both financial and human.